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Rysino was established to popularize the knowledge of the FPGA. Therefore, in order to reach a wider audience, I decided to use non-standard channels. I have created a deck of 52 playing cards. Each of them contains one slogan related to the subject that fascinates us and with the short description.

As soon as the idea was born, the slogan list was created almost immediately. It was a bigger challenge to create graphics and descriptions so that they were on the one hand correct, and on the other, they fit on a single card.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this project. Both thanks to the substantive correctness verification and the opinion regarding graphic designs. Thanks to all of you I was able to print the first trial series of FPGA cards.

A single deck consists of 52 cards with descriptions in English. There are thirteen cards in each suit, from two to ace.

3 LUT Register Mux Carry chain
4 CLB Block RAM Multiplier Interconnect
6 Synthesis Place&Route Assembler Bitfile
7 Propagation delay Setup Hold Timing Analysis
8 Ce Reset Valid Ready
9 AXI Avalon Wishbone Handshake
10 Skid buffer FIFO Two port RAM CDC
J FSM Pipelining Time multiplexing IP
Q DSP Computers networks Machine vision AI
K SystemVerilog VHDL Chisel UVM
A Design Verification Integration Hardware tests

Sample cards:

FPGA card deck - GPIO
FPGA card deck - JTAG
FPGA card deck - PLL
FPGA card deck - ADC

I would like to have a deck

If you would like to have your own deck, please contact me by email rysino@rysino.com. The cost of a single deck is PLN 49. The price includes parcel by registered mail in Poland. For orders to other countries price is 14 Euro.

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Poland 29.99 zł
World wide 14.00 Euro